Transform Your Culture with an EOS Rollout

How would you size up your company’s culture? Do employees stay long-term? Are they productive and engaged with a high level of job satisfaction? Do they find their work meaningful with room for growth? Do they invite their friends, neighbors and relatives to come work for you?Building a strong culture is a “must have” in business today.

But it requires thoughtful planning, purposeful design and consistent attention.Follow along below as we discuss how running your company on EOS will help you continue to build a strong culture that drives results.

Culture is the character or personality of your organization – a blend of  core values, beliefs, attitudes, purpose and behaviors. It’s an unseen-yet- ever-present energy that drives an organization. It can steer a company  up or down, keep it on mission or force it off-course. When employees are passionate about working for your company and its purpose, that’s your secret weapon – the X-FACTOR – the true differentiator between you and your competitors. If you’re running your company on EOS, then you’ve been given the playbook for building a winning culture. Your Vision/Traction Organizer (V/TO)is a key tool to communicating and aligning everyone around a common vision, including core values, purpose, goals and direction. Some red flags that could point to culture issues include high turnover, low productivity, flat profit or difficulty filling positions .

Luckily there is a proven process for rolling out EOS company wide – where mid-managers and employees can contribute to building your company, and where individuals thrive together and receive the tools they need to take their career to higher levels. See here for more info. By strengthening the 6 Key Components in the EOS Model, using the EOSTools  to create a clear, shared vision, executing on it with discipline and accountability, and working together as a healthier team, the byproduct is a stronger culture – ultimately leading to better top- and bottom-line results.






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