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Val Doherty

Owner of Doherty Staffing Solutions and Dahl Consulting

"DAHL has been working with Chris Naylor as our Traction Implementer for nearly two years (after receiving a referral to Chris, via a mutual connection). Chris’ help and support has been instrumental in getting the DAHL team up and running on EOS. Chris has a strong business acumen and was able to learn the foundations of our business quickly. Every employee has been trained in on EOS and works within the Traction model daily. We were so happy with the focus and direction of Traction’s methodology that we hired Chris to implement EOS to DAHL’s sister company, Doherty Staffing."

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"We are finishing up our second year of operating our company on EOS and I could not imagine doing it any other way. The tools that EOS have provided have allowed us to experience record growth and profits the past two years along with increased employee morale and retention. Chris has been instrumental in teaching us how to implement the EOS tools throughout our entire company. Our leadership team really looks forward to our quarterly sessions with Chris. She has this awesome ability to get the very best out of our team."

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Mark Duitsman

Integrator, Plaisted Companies, Inc.

Anne Behrendt

President and CEO of Doran Companies

"Doran is a company that has experienced tremendous growth in a short amount of time. Chris was instrumental in helping us to create our organizational structure and to put in place practices for ensuring we continually evolve. She really listened to where we were as an organization, helped us to crystalize our vision for the near and long term, and gave us the tools to successfully roll out Traction companywide in a way that has been truly transformative. As a business owner herself, Chris also has a unique ability to be both a compassionate listener and facilitator, and at the same time honest and bold in her assessments and in challenging her clients to be their best."

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"Chris was a crucial part of our Traction journey. The entire system has changed our business in the most positive ways. Chris allowed us the flexibility to personalize the tools in a way that resonated with our culture and the things that are most important to our business. She was supportive and reassuring and helped us hold ourselves accountable to sticking with it. The greatest transformation was the exercise to help us revamp our values, which now permeates every decision we make. I’m proud of what we’ve become and what we have the potential to be."

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Jen Stella

Director of Operations of Park Avenue Center

Michele Pipitone

VP-HR, Satellite Shelters

"We have had the pleasure of working with Chris for the past three years. Her experience with many businesses and industries give her the insight to ask the tough questions, and lead thought provoking discussions. Chris also always brings us back to EOS pure, when we stray too far. She has been a strong business partner for us."

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"We tried to implement EOS/Traction on our own with less than stellar results. We then did a re-boot with Chris Naylor, and her implementation skills, knack for holding us accountable, and her general guidance helped us take our Leadership Team to the next level. We then deployed Traction to the whole company, and now our team says “What’s Working” is our Level 10s. In 2019 we had the best year in the history of our company. We are grateful to Chris and for her leadership."

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Amy Norton

Integrator, Mid-America Marketing

David Benowitz

President & COO, Craft & Crew Hospitality

"Craft & Crew hospitality has been working with Chris Naylor since 2016. Chris was able to take a group of hospitality employees who didn't have a ton of experience working with any type of business model and turn my team into savvy entrepreneurs who now think about the big picture vs our day to day endeavors. Without EOS and Chris Naylor implementing Traction into our organization, we would not be nearly as far along as we are today. We have grown significantly in profitability each year since implementing EOS with Chris."

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"Having heard about EOS from many sources and then reading Gino Wickman’s books, I was impressed with the system and thought I could implement it on my own at the company I founded. After a couple years of trying with moderate success, we decided to bring Chris in to help us accelerate hitting our goals. This was the best decision I could have made! With Chris, we were able to develop a solid framework for EOS — reaching every level of the company. As an Expert Implementer, she worked hard to keep us on track and on goal. She is also positive, creative, and insightful which made our planning sessions all the more valuable. We are seeing excellent results after only 1 year of working with Chris!"

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Kris Lynch

CEO / Founder, SmartBase Solutions

Anne Hed

CEO, Hed Cycling

"Since Chris Naylor led us through successful EOS implementation, we’re much more organized, communicate far better, and have a logical company structure now. The energy and expertise that Chris brought made all the difference. Assigned reading is not a stand-alone strategy for improving your company. Teaming up with a passionate expert to execute positive change will bring positive results. Chris Naylor is our passionate expert and the results have been fantastic."

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