Clearing Mental Clutter

Spring cleaning conjures up images of organizing closets, sweeping out cobwebs, and wiping down windows for a clear view. While most Americans believe spring cleaning is a ritual worth keeping, consider something that could be even more important to your happiness and success: Taking time to clear mental clutter. Here are a few tips to get you thinking:

Rid Negativity. Nothing works on your confidence more than negative thoughts that sabotage your success. Take an inventory of your negative thoughts and find a way to turn them positive. A simple example can be constant thoughts of can’t. If you find yourself saying, “I can’t finish this project,” or “I can’t afford the marketing plan,” then replace the word can’t with won’t. The word won’t implies that you’re choosing not to take control of a situation. For example, turn “I can’t lose weight, to “I won’t lose weight.” See the difference?

Do, Dump or Delegate. Unfinished business can feel like a 100-pound pack on your back. Find a way to get unfinished tasks, like thank-you notes, papers filed and bills paid, off your plate. Block out time this week to do, dump or delegate these tasks. If it’s a task you must personally do, then just do it. But, if your assistant, your teenager, a friend or a virtual assistant can do it, delegate it. If the task has been on your to-do-list for more than a month, consider whether it’s that important and think about dumping it. Mark it off your list and be done with it!

Just Say “No”. There is a huge upside to saying no. Before you take on a new commitment that might be more than you can handle well, ask yourself whether you’re doing so because you:

  • Want to prove yourself
  • Don’t want to look weak
  • Like the attention and or the prestige
  • Think it might be fun
  • Assume you can do it better than anyone else

If you say yes to so many requests, you’ll end up feeling stressed and stretched. Saying no might be better for your health. In fact, it shows respect for whomever is asking you to take on the commitment or project.

Clearing mental clutter helps get you back to business with clarity and vision on how to move more successfully through your week. Set aside time in your calendar each week to rid yourself of these energy-zappers and start to experience the freedom of clean thinking!

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