Ask and Succeed: Ordinary Questions, Extraordinary Results

Those who take time for honest introspection notice the trends of their life. They review who they are becoming by the actions or non-actions they are taking. They look at what is working or not and make adjustments with a positive attitude. These individuals are truth seekers ever looking at improving their life and making a difference in the world.

In each issue of B.Inspired, we will include themes and questions for your consideration. Here are some tips that apply to doing the practice of asking questions on a regular basis:

  • Optimally, create a 20 minute space in your day to sit quietly. Write it into your calendar. This is perfect after a short evening yoga practice or exercise.
  • To begin, find a quiet place, get comfortable, take a deep breath and release any body tension or busy thoughts.
  • Ask yourself a question, such as “What do I want most in ’09?” and see what bubbles up.
  • Focus is key. Whatever you ask and keep asking, you will find the answer. Let go of any doubt that you have the answer.
  • Avoid disempowering questions like, “Why does this always happen to me?” or Why didn’t I get the client?”
  • Be 100% honest with yourself.
  • Never, never say, “I can’t or I don’t know or I don’t care.”
  • After contemplation, take immediate action to write your answer down. If you don’t have journal, consider buying one.
  • Sometimes the answers will not come immediately.
  • Just move on to another question.
  • Ask questions according to the time you have available. If you only have 10 minutes, then ask fewer questions, maybe just 1 or 2.
  • Commit to making the changes you desire and take immediate action in the direction of that change.
  • Don’t let your dreams die, your visions wither or become subject to a life of mediocrity or “settling”. Ask and succeed!


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