Wanted: Great Leaders

Our world craves great leaders. Now more than ever before, public opinion of our leaders is at an all-time low. We need great leaders in our government, schools, businesses, hospitals, religious organizations, and homes. And, good leadership won’t suffice. We need great leadership.

With more than 33,000 studies on the qualities of top leaders, all conclude that “vision” is the most identifiable quality of a great leader. Leaders think about the future most of the time. They practice ”no-limit” thinking about the opportunities of tomorrow, rather than focusing on the problems of the past.

Great leadership is really a transfer of belief. Great leaders share their belief, vision, purpose and passion with others and in the process they inspire others to believe, act and impact. Great leaders are positively contagious and they instill confidence and belief in others.

  • Good leaders get people to believe in them.
  • Great leaders inspire people to believe in themselves.
  • Good leaders say “Watch what I can do.”
  • Great leaders say “Let me show you what you can do.”
  • Good leaders catch fish for others so they can eat today.
  • Great leaders teach people how to fish so they can eat for a lifetime.

Great business managers inspire their people to believe in themselves and their product/service/organization. Great school principals inspire their teachers to believe they can make a difference. Great teachers inspire and empower their students to believe in themselves. Great pastors inspire their congregations to serve and impact the community. Great sports coaches inspire their teams to believe they can win. And the people who have changed the world have been those who instilled in others the confidence to step up, serve, take initiative and create positive change.

As leaders, our job is to continue to learn and grow in our work and personal life.  In order to lead others in a powerful way, we must share our vision for the road ahead and then encourage and empower people to generate inspired momentum that becomes an unstoppable force. This is what great leadership is all about—whether we’re leading a Fortune 500 company, a volunteer group, or a family.  Today, we need you now, more than ever, to lead!

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