Questions for Extraordinary Results

Now’s the time to start asking the right questions as you plan and goal-set for a successful ’09. We are here to live life fully, and abundantly, and use our minds to expand and magnify our lives. Asking good questions is a practice that allows us to tap into our inner compass to success.

To get started, ask yourself some of the general questions below:

  • What do I desire most in ’09?
  • What is my theme for this year?
  • What has to happen for me to create more success in my life?
  • What incompletes in my life would a plan of action help me complete?

Next, you’ll move into asking questions on each major sphere of life–health, relationships, spirituality, finances, career, personal growth, home, community and recreation. This exercise takes about 1-2 hours to address all life areas that affect our happiness and success.

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