Give Yourself a “Time Out”: Commit to Regular Clarity Breaks!

Are you feeling overwhelmed at work, unfocused, or frustrated with your inability to think and plan for your company’s future?

Now’s the time to schedule a TIME OUT!

Coined by EOS (the Entrepreneurial Operating System), a “Clarity Break” is a regularly scheduled appointment on your calendar with yourself. Clarity breaks allow you to clear your head, envision the future, and keep focused on what’s most important.

Without regular thinking time to work “on” your business, you risk becoming a victim of activity. Like a hamster in a wheel, you’ll remain working “in” the business, trapped in your day-to-day routines and meetings, without being able to focus on the future or the your most important goals.

Clarity breaks allow you to see the big picture. Think of yourself as an artist who steps back from a painting to take it all in. Regular scheduled thinking time away from work can provide a better perspective.

According to Daniel Goleman in FOCUS: The Hidden Driver of Excellence, if you are continually distracted or irritable at work, you’ll likely experiencing mental fatigue. Without a regular time out, you become unproductive as mental fatigue sets in and your focus becomes depleted.

Here are some tips for making clarity breaks stick:

Take the time to think about your business! Commit to a regular clarity break and experience yourself as a more confident, focused leader!

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